Recruitment Brochure – BMO Harris Bank

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People are always talking about the work / life balance. A friend of mine explained in a presentation, that for her the goal is for more of a work / life blend. This has always stuck with me and it’s something I believe in and agree with wholeheartedly. So when BMO Harris Bank’s recruitment team was in need of new materials I approached the design with this in mind. The bank wanted to communicate that people who join their organization have the ability to grow. And that they will receive support reaching far beyond simply professional support.

The idea of dualities lead both the visuals and the writing in this design concept. My role included the headline copywriting as well as the art direction and design. The imagery reflects a diverse group of people in some of the major cities that the bank is based in. Thus communicating the idea of seeing yourself succeeding in a great city or region. All of the headlines support the theme of working together everyone will be more successful.