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When you’re trying to land a seriously awesome client, you have to be seriously impressive. Sometimes you have to be seriously quick, too. In the case of McGuffin Creative Group meeting with Shure (an international audio products brand) we wanted to let them know that we really knew who they were. All while displaying some of our capabilities. As the Art Director responsible for most of the design pertaining to new business, I had less than 2 weeks to work with the team to create a capabilities piece that was sure to impress.

This project was right up my alley. After the idea to create an LP-style piece was agreed upon, I was able to utilize a lot of my personal library of live music performance photography throughout the design. Transforming the images through photoshop allowed me spaces to make the images and text come together seamlessly.

The finished product is a 12″ x 12″ bi-fold with open-ended pockets on each side and a silver hand-applied sticker on the cover. The sticker was printed with 1 hit of black. The die for the carrier was a project in and of itself. I worked with the printer back and forth to make sure the die would accommodate the pieces inside. Inside the first pocket was a rivet-bound dual-cover booklet. The A-side cover has information about McGuffin’s portfolio and body of work. When you flipped the book over you would see the B-side cover which contains personal and professional profiles for some of McGuffin’s key players. The second pocket contained a faux record that was actually a piece of black acrylic with laser-etched grooves, laser-etched type and 4-color printing over a single hit of white ink directly on the acrylic. The albums were individually shrink wrapped to complete the experience. A matching digital presentation walkthrough was also created.