AIGA Chicago – Chicago Design Is Poster


AIGA Chicago selected members from the community to design a poster based on the question, What does Chicago design mean to you? The answer to this question is far deeper than a one-liner. Really, design is all around us. It’s the sort of thing we walk past everyday and barely take notice of. The tourists who are constantly walking around taking photos of everything are more likely to notice all of the design marvels Chicago has to offer.

I was paired up with another local photographer, Krystina Archer, in designing this poster. We decided to depict the city’s design through photographs laid out similar to a contact sheet. The ‘film’ brand that would normally appear on the negative is replaced with sentences that describe what Chicago is. Each photo was intentionally shot with some blur to represent the idea of it often being overlooked. The title FOCUS was added to support this concept. The sticker that usually represents the serial number of the photo job instead is the numeric date of the poster show.

To elaborate on the idea of tourists really enjoying the design of the city, we added augmented reality using the Layar platform. When a viewer scans the poster with a mobile device the images that are circled similarly to the way a photographer would markup their own contact sheet turn into play buttons. The videos reveal short clips of people taking their time and really enjoying the area of the city the photo represents.