Chicago Candle Factory





The Chicago Candle Factory creates beautiful hand-poured 100% soy wax candles in upcycled bottles. I worked directly with the business owners to create their initial logos, business cards, product tags and a few icons to pair with their candle care instructions. One big request was that we create a logo that would work well used as a wax seal. After some exploration we landed on a logo system for maximum versatility. No matter the application, there’s a format that can work as a stand alone mark or paired with another.

When creating the product tags we were faced with the challenge of how to apply them to the candle without obstructing the upcycled bottles. Working together we landed on the idea of tying the tags on using extra candle wick. This is a great solution and allows for easy opening so you can read the candle scents printed on the inside. The business cards and product tags were printed on Neenah Paper, Desert Strom, 80lb. Cover.

Be sure to check them out and order some of their amazing candles here:

Representing Excellence Program





When Central DuPage Hospital (CDH) and Delnor Hospital merged to form Cadence Health the decision was made to combine their employee recognition programs. The table was wide open for new names and a new look. The name Representing Excellence was presented as a way to really embody what the program is about. I worked on designs and headlines that would provide a strong support system to the program name utilizing the [RE] letters therein.

Many materials were required for this project including: branding, a manager training kit, thank you cards, brochures with tear off submission forms, an online entry system, reward coins and various collateral signage to promote the new program.

McGuffin Mornings




McGuffin Mug 1050

While working as an Art Director at McGuffin Creative Group and being a member of the company’s New Business Development Team, the plans were set to create a breakfast event series designed to develop client relationships through learning. After some brainstorming and voting on names, McGuffin Mornings was selected. I took the name and ran with it creating everything from the logo mark to the overall look and feel of all collateral pieces. The design resembles that of a coffee shop. A place where you can relax, socialize and learn in a fun environment. Everyone who attends is even lucky enough to score one of the coveted McGuffin Mornings mugs for themselves.